LinqDataSoure Observations

When you set a DataGrid’s datasoure to a LinqDataSource control you still need to handle the paging event in your code behind file.  It’s also worth noting that the DataGrid does not use the Linq skip and take paging functionality.  The DataGrid will simply request all results and page them in memory.

When you over load the OnSelecting event you do not need to specify a datacontext or TableName or other query specific properties.

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How's That Compression Going With Ajax?

When we first started using Ajax we noticed some difficulty getting the resources  to work with our HTTP compression filter.  Now I have a better understanding of what issues are luring thanks to Carloc Ajax resource intermittently not accessible (http compression)

This means that Ajax does support compression for Internet Explorer 7 but it does not support compression for Internet Explorer 6. Why?

Well, the fact is that IE6 has some serious troubles with compressed content, and those issues have been resolved in IE7:

Another release containing several fixes is in the latest Windows Script 5.7 which contains updates for jscript parser:


I never realized IE6 had so many compression issues.

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Security Updates Are Not Always Your Friends

In July Microsoft released Security Bulletin MS07-040-Critical Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Remote Code Execution (931212) 

A Security Update for Framework 2.0 (KB928365) was released for  windows server 2003

this updates System.web.dll

I have found this security update to crash IIS and any 2.0 web site/web service w3wp.exe to be restarted on every web request.

It looks like this is only a problem when this security patch is automatically installed via windows updates.  Once I uninstalled the security update the crashing issue went away.  When I manually reinstalled the security update and rebooted IIS and ASP.NET continued to function correctly with out error.


Also updated was,

 940521 ( The behavior of UTF8Encoding, Unicode Encoding, and UTF32Encoding changes to comply to the Unicode 5.0 requirements for Unicode encodings after you install the security update for the .NET Framework 2.0 that is described in security bulletin MS07-040

this seems to affect how ASP.NET generates its web control names.

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vs class library to web application

There just doesn't seem to be any love for the Visual Studio 2005 Web Sit Project.  I know I have none.  I' am  sure its fine for an internally developed web sites, but who cares about those.  For an ISV we need dll's.  It's simpler and your customer can't make unauthorized edits to your code.  So if like me your looking for a simple way to update some of your older projects Peter Bromberg just posted a nifty trick to get your visual studio 2003 class library project to convert to a visual studio 2005 web application project.  I recommend you take a look and save your self a migraine.

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A listing of CRL 2.0 Hot Fixes

Doug Stewart has posted an extensive list of CRL 2.0 bug (hot)fixes.  Its worth a look if your Dot Net 2.0 app is having issues.  Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive list Doug. 

I have seen this issue on a QA server The managed heap becomes corrupted when you run a program that is built by using the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 good to see its not my code and that there is a fix for it.

Some of the Hot fix support articles do leave a little something to be desired though I would like to see Microsoft spend the time to detail the cause for each issue so I can better evaluate my need for a given fix.

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Setting up ASP.NET 2.0 on 64-bit Windows

Microsoft KB article 894435

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Packaged ASP.NET Programs

Scott posted a nice article Tip/Trick: Creating Packaged ASP.NET Setup Programs with VS 2005  for deploying your Visual Studio 2005 project.  While Scott's article is focused on deploying to a customer I have found those scenarios to be beyond what VS offers and requires Install shield.  I do this this post is a handy trick for moving your project from dev to QA to staging maybe even production.

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AJAX Control Toolkit Release

There was a new drop of the AJAX Control Toolkit 10606 release.

for more details about what was included see Delay's notes.  If you would like pics with that visit Shawn's notes.  And just to play with the new coolness.

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Orcas Entity/ORM support

I was having some trouble figuring out how to use the new entity framework in the last March Orcas CTP, but leave it to Scott to have all the answers.  Scott has posted a nice video covering

  • new WYSIWYG HTML designer.
  • create classes's from the ORM designer.
  • Intellisense for LINQ.

full detailed blog post.  And you can find the video here.

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Beta 1 Of Orcas Released Into The Wild

Incase you missed it yesterday Soma announced the release of Orcas Beta 1, it can be downloaded here.

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Integrating ASP.NET Security with Classic ASP and Non-ASP.NET URLs

Check out ScottGu's Latest Trick :

Integrating ASP.NET Security with Classic ASP and Non-ASP.NET URLs

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Visual WebGui

I found this product on CodePlex this morning and while I need to find some time to really play with it, I thought I would share.  Basically Visual WebGui is and adding for Visual studio that lets you more or less use winforms to for your website( Cool AJAX) 

Visual WebGui Quick Starts

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New ASP.NET refractors video from DeveloperExpress

Mark and the code rush gang have added a nice little screen cast of Refractor! refractoring

This is very neat.  The best part is that for those of you that don't have Code Rush/Refractor! Microsoft's ASP.NET team is picking up that tab for this set of refractors much the same way the VB team did.  I hear they will announce a download shortly.

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