But The Cat Came Back The Very Next Day

Let me start by saying I hate InstallShield,  this probably isn't fair there was a time when I liked them back in the day when the name of the product matched the name of the company they were small and focused.  They installed software and it made life easy.  Now MacoVision has different ideas and IMHO ruined the InstallShield the product. 

I started the other day by reading Shahine's blog regarding InstallShield updater,  he found a nice resource to remove this product.  The trouble is, InstallShield updater keeps coming back.  Case inpoint yesterday evening I saw Steve's post about Nikon's RAW codex in vista so having a Nikon D50 I went and happily down loaded and installed the codex.  This morning I see that installation has once again turned on Install Shield Updater.  I tend to agree with Shahine I hate updaters the only one I don't really mind is windows update (in vista it's almost nice).  On the other hand I have to give credit to MacoVision the idea of one common update framework/resource is compelling(They charge an arm and leg for it though).  But These things should never be silently installed behind the users back.  Getting your customers to stay uptodate is a very difficult problem, I don't think a unique solution per company is the right choice but InstallShield updater sure comes up wanting.



This was my first post from windows live writer.  My initial impression is the spell check could be much better.

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