LinqDataSoure Observations

When you set a DataGrid’s datasoure to a LinqDataSource control you still need to handle the paging event in your code behind file.  It’s also worth noting that the DataGrid does not use the Linq skip and take paging functionality.  The DataGrid will simply request all results and page them in memory.

When you over load the OnSelecting event you do not need to specify a datacontext or TableName or other query specific properties.

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Beta Documentation for LINQ to XML


Language-Integrated Query (LINQ)

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Orcas Entity/ORM support

I was having some trouble figuring out how to use the new entity framework in the last March Orcas CTP, but leave it to Scott to have all the answers.  Scott has posted a nice video covering

  • new WYSIWYG HTML designer.
  • create classes's from the ORM designer.
  • Intellisense for LINQ.

full detailed blog post.  And you can find the video here.

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LINQ for Orcas Beta1

You can find the updated LINQ samples for both VB and C# here

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Beta 1 Of Orcas Released Into The Wild

Incase you missed it yesterday Soma announced the release of Orcas Beta 1, it can be downloaded here.

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LINQ == Warm Fuzzy Feeling

I was taking a look at Scott Guthrie's Developing Data-Driven Web Applications using LINQ.  This is going to make life a little less dreary.

I like the second to the  last line results.Skip(startRow).Take(10);

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