VS 2008 Sp1

Microsoft's new agile pace is just killing me.  I'm glad that sp1 will be out some time in the foreseeable future but.  I don't want thing about upgrading to vs 10 in another 18 months. 

C# Debugging Improvements for VS 2008 SP1- Part 1


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The debugger does not support debugging managed and native code at the same time on this platform.

You might receive the "The debugger does not support debugging managed and native code at the same time on this platform." error message in Visual studio 2005/2008 if you have a 32bit native/mixed mode dll linked to your x64bit assembly.  If you change the project properties so that Platform target is x86 you should be able to debug both assemblies.

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Visual C++ Performance Improvements now a GDR

The Vc++ team blog announced the release of performance improvements for vc++ as a General Distribution Release.

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Vote for .NET EXEs to run off a network share by default.

Brad Abrams is taking a poll, Allowing .NET EXEs to run off a network share.  There are a lot of useful solutions that are blocked by the current .NET policy.  I would like to see it go the way of the dodo.  It doesn't really offer protection since unmanaged code will execute from a network share.  Removing this default limitation would allow for true xcopy deployment.

Please vote early and often!

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Vs 2005 constantly repainting when running under remote desktop

If your running Visual studio 2005 under Terminal services or Remote desktop and you find the editor constantly refreshing ( repainting, flickering ) Disable font smoothing on your remote desk top connection.  If you have your heart set on using font smoothing try courier as your editors font.

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Performance Improvements to VC++ in VS 2008

Since I deal with a large VC++ of native-managed code I am glad to see Somasegar's list of VC++ performance enhancements in Visual studio 2008

· Editor responsiveness – Updating IntelliSense, displaying the QuickInfo tooltip and processing AutoComplete requests won’t degrade editor experience.

· Goto Definition improvements – Significant reduction in the time required to “Goto Definition”.  One customer reported that a 2 minute delay dropped to 10-20 seconds.

· Load solution performance – Load time of large Visual C++ solutions is much better.  Some customers are reporting speed ups of 25%-70%.

· File lookup in projects – Provides improvements to several scenarios such as adding files to projects, changing configurations, etc.

· Changing configuration options – Modifying options, such as adding an include directory or changing the active configuration, are much faster for large solutions.

· Reduced CPU consumption – We now process low-priority background items (such as IntelliSense population) using 20% less CPU time.

I have had to deal with slow IntelliSense and solution load times. All of these issues affect my daily use of VS.  Its great that the VC++ is finally able to address them.  Its even better to hear there will be a patch for VS 2005.

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Source Code for the .NET Framework Libraries

Scott Gu announced the releasing of .Net framework libraries (Microsoft Reference License).  This is good news its some thing that i miss very much when not working with the MFC libraries.  Truth be told you could already view and to some extent debug the .NET Framework with reflector but first class support in VS 2008 is defiantly great news.  Scott Hanselman appears to already have a Hansel Minutes relating to this announcement.

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Security Updates Are Not Always Your Friends

In July Microsoft released Security Bulletin MS07-040-Critical Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Remote Code Execution (931212) 

A Security Update for Microsoft.net Framework 2.0 (KB928365) was released for  windows server 2003

this updates System.web.dll

I have found this security update to crash IIS and any asp.net 2.0 web site/web service w3wp.exe to be restarted on every web request.

It looks like this is only a problem when this security patch is automatically installed via windows updates.  Once I uninstalled the security update the crashing issue went away.  When I manually reinstalled the security update and rebooted IIS and ASP.NET continued to function correctly with out error.


Also updated was,

 940521 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/940521/) The behavior of UTF8Encoding, Unicode Encoding, and UTF32Encoding changes to comply to the Unicode 5.0 requirements for Unicode encodings after you install the security update for the .NET Framework 2.0 that is described in security bulletin MS07-040

this seems to affect how ASP.NET generates its web control names.

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A listing of CRL 2.0 Hot Fixes

Doug Stewart has posted an extensive list of CRL 2.0 bug (hot)fixes.  Its worth a look if your Dot Net 2.0 app is having issues.  Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive list Doug. 

I have seen this issue on a QA server The managed heap becomes corrupted when you run a program that is built by using the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 good to see its not my code and that there is a fix for it.

Some of the Hot fix support articles do leave a little something to be desired though I would like to see Microsoft spend the time to detail the cause for each issue so I can better evaluate my need for a given fix.

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Windows Explorer gone mad

I am now running windows vista 64.  Which has been surprisingly simple how ever I have run into a few issues.  Windows Explorer went insane and ignored the open in same window setting (note open in new process option was set to false.) resulting in a new window pre directory.  I find life impossible in that situation.  After numerous attempts to correct this via registry edits, I failed.  Having given up I installed xpore2 as a replacement. ( great program I always wanted to filter my directory to only one file type) I now find after a reboot Windows Explorer works correctly and recycles the the window when displaying a new directory.

I have also found that you cannot just install sql management studio 64bit.  you need to run(as admin) dvd drive:\Tools\Setup\SqlRun_Tools.msi otherwise you go through all the motions but nothing gets installed.

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A case of the AWAL Destructor.

Is it a Memory leak or a Resource leak.

It would seem that if you take a c++ managed extensions gc class containing a native pointer to dot net 2.0.  The classes finalization does not happen correctly.  Ie the destructor is no longer invoked.

further more if you migrate said c++ code to c++/cli then your destructor will not get called when the managed object is disposed of via garbage collection.  You will need to either explicitly call the destructor or add a finalize to your reference class.


Not the most obvious memory leak in the world to say the least.

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The Way to Fast HotFixes

Microsoft support has a Hotfix request Submission form now which promises;

To obtain this Hotfix, please submit your request via this form to Microsoft Online Customer Service and Support – you should expect to receive a download link via email from Microsoft within 8 business hours.

HotFix Request From

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Microsoft Secure Content Downloader

In your quest to down load all the visual studio 2008 goodness you may find this new ctp tool from Microsoft very useful

Microsoft Secure Content Downloader July 2007 Community Technology Preview


The Microsoft Secure Content Downloader (MSCD) is a peer-assisted download manager capable of securely downloading specific files. MSCD is intended for consumers who are downloading from a home PC, or business users whose computers are not behind a corporate firewall. If you use MSCD from behind a corporate firewall, you may be unable to download content, and may adversely affect other clients' ability to download content.
Main features of the MSCD are:

  • Secure content description
    • Each file available for download has a secure description, ensuring the content you download is exactly what the publisher published.
  • Scalable performance
    • MCSD is a peer-assisted technology. Each client downloads content by exchanging parts of the file they’re interested in with other clients, in addition to downloading parts from the server.
      • No matter how great the internet’s demand for the file, you will always be able to make progress downloading.
      • MSCD lets you download content more quickly than possible without peer assistance.

Some MSCD clients may be connected to each other via peer connections, forming a ‘cloud’ of clients. Pieces of the file you are downloading are sent through these peer connections between clients, as well as through connections with the file server. As a member of the cloud, your computer both serves as a client and server to other members of the cloud. Data destined for the cloud may be routed through your computer and sent to other cloud members. The other cloud members connected to you will be able to access only pieces of the file you are downloading via MSCD – they have no access to any other data on your computer.
You are only connected to other clients while you are downloading a file via MSCD. When the file has finished downloading – or when you pause or cancel the download, or exit the application – you disconnect from the cloud. Once you disconnect from the cloud, you will no longer have any connections to any other members in the cloud and no data will be routed through your computer.
This version of MSCD is a Community Technology Preview, and will only allow you to obtain current Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2. Since it is a Community Technology Preview, additional information related to MSCD’s performance and network transactions -- including your machine name and IP addresses -- may be logged to help evaluate and improve MSCD performance.

Just incase you have been under a rock here are the links to detailed information about today's release of Visual studio via Scott Gu and Somasegar respective blog posts.

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VC++ and the Evil Intellisense

I have been having odd locking issues when using solutions that have  a c# project that is referenced by a c++/cli project.  This would happen in  VS 2003 and VS2005.  What could cause this horrid behavior?  Intellisense.  It has been locking the C#/VB output file while it updates.  Which means no building of the solution. 

While I am on Intellisense I have found many things in VC require it.  You need Intellisense to go to declarations and definitions, you even need it for the winforms designer to work.  Yet it is so utterly broken a large project will take any system to its knees with every press of the space bar.

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What's New in Visual C++ Codename "Orcas"

 Found this in the new MSDN help.  Pretty nice feature this rebuild after an assembly change has driven us nuts for years. 

Managed Incremental Build Support
The compiler supports managed incremental builds

When you specify this option, the compiler will not recompile code when a referenced assembly changes. Instead it will perform an incremental build. Files are recompiled only if the changes affect the dependent code. For more information, see General Property Page (Project).

What's New in Visual C++ Codename "Orcas"


I have notice the online MSDN is much better now.  Slow but I do like the article version specific note along with links to newer and older versions.

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Setting up ASP.NET 2.0 on 64-bit Windows

Microsoft KB article 894435

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SoftGrid Software Virtualization From Microsoft

Microsoft's SoftGrid Video

With Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization, you can turn Windows applications into centrally managed, virtual services that are never installed, and can be instantly streamed to any desktop or laptop. In this one-hour video, learn how SoftGrid's virtualization technology can simplify desktop administration by automating processes for deploying, patching, updating, and terminating applications. It is now easier—and requires fewer IT resources—to address complex critical business projects such as OS and application migrations, security refreshes, and disaster recovery plans.



As an ISV I am trying to think how I could leverage this to ease my deployments.

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Packaged ASP.NET Programs

Scott posted a nice article Tip/Trick: Creating Packaged ASP.NET Setup Programs with VS 2005  for deploying your Visual Studio 2005 project.  While Scott's article is focused on deploying to a customer I have found those scenarios to be beyond what VS offers and requires Install shield.  I do this this post is a handy trick for moving your project from dev to QA to staging maybe even production.

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Some Links for Moving Between C++ Versions or to C#

If your moving MFC or C++ extensions to dot net 2.0 here are a few items you might find useful

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Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 released

Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 now available



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AJAX Control Toolkit Release

There was a new drop of the AJAX Control Toolkit 10606 release.

for more details about what was included see Delay's notes.  If you would like pics with that visit Shawn's notes.  And just to play with the new coolness.

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Data driven document generation with Word 2007

Erika wrote a couple posts worth a look regarding Data driven document generation.

Data-driven document generation with Word 2007 and the Office XML File Formats: Part 1

Data-driven document generation with Word 2007 and the Office XML File Formats: Part 2

Also If you wanted to take a Mail Merge word doc and port it over to XML

Migrating Mail Merge Fields to Content Controls ( I republished the code so that its legible)


Private Sub Document_Open()

    If (MsgBox("Convert Mail Merge fields to Content Controls?", vbYesNo, "Convert Mail Merge Fields") = vbYes) Then


    End If

End Sub

'** Traverse Mail Merge fields collection and convert each mail merge field into a content control
'** while preserving its font style and format.
Private Sub ConvertMailMergeFields()

    Dim i As Integer, Count As Integer
    Dim currentFont As Font
    Dim mergeFieldname As String
    Dim field As MailMergeField

    For Each field In ActiveDocument.MailMerge.Fields

        '** Select Mail Merge field to process.
        Set currentFont = Selection.Font

        '** Set name for content control.
        mergeFieldname = GetMailMergeFieldName(field.Code)
        Debug.Print ("Processing [" & mergeFieldname & "]")

        '** Remove Mail Merge field and replace it with addition of new content control.

        '** Add new content control.
        AddContentControl mergeFieldname, currentFont
        Count = Count + 1


    Debug.Print ("Number of Mail Merge Fields converted to Content Controls: " & Count)

End Sub

'** Add new content control.
Private Sub AddContentControl(ByVal mergeFieldname As String, ByVal currentFont As Font)

    Dim newControl As ContentControl
    Dim fontStyleName As String

    Set newControl = ActiveDocument.ContentControls.Add(wdContentControlText)

    '** The Title property only allows for 64 characters.
    '** If name is longer, we will put the rest in the Tag property.
    If (Len(mergeFieldname) < 64) Then

        newControl.Title = mergeFieldname
        newControl.Tag = "" 


        newControl.Title = Mid(mergeFieldname, 1, 64)
        newControl.Tag = Mid(mergeFieldname, 65, Len(mergeFieldname) - 64)

    End If

    newControl.SetPlaceholderText , , "Click to add."

    '** Set font for content control.
    fontStyleName = GetFontStyleName(currentFont)
    SetFontStyle newControl, fontStyleName, currentFont

    '** Allow carriage return.
    newControl.MultiLine = True

End Sub

'** Quick and dirty way to check to see if the given font style exist; if it does not, create it.
Private Sub SetFontStyle(ByRef newControl As ContentControl, ByVal fontStyleName As String, ByVal currentFont As Font)

    On Error GoTo Error_FontStyleDoesNotExist

    newControl.DefaultTextStyle = fontStyleName

    Exit Sub


    AddNewFontStyle fontStyleName, currentFont
    newControl.DefaultTextStyle = fontStyleName

End Sub

Private Sub AddNewFontStyle(ByVal newFontStyleName As String, ByVal currentFont As Font)

    Dim fontStyle As Style

    Set fontStyle = ActiveDocument.Styles.Add(newFontStyleName)

    With currentFont

        fontStyle.Font.Name = .Name
        fontStyle.Font.Size = .Size
        fontStyle.Font.Bold = .Bold
        fontStyle.Font.Italic = .Italic

    End With

End Sub

Private Function GetFontStyleName(ByVal currentFont As Font) As String

    Dim fontStyleName As String

    With currentFont

        fontStyleName = .Name
        fontStyleName = fontStyleName & .Size
        fontStyleName = fontStyleName & .Bold
        fontStyleName = fontStyleName & .Italic

    End With

    '** Return result.
    GetFontStyleName = fontStyleName

End Function

Private Function GetMailMergeFieldName(ByVal fieldCode As String) As String

    Dim mergeFieldname As String: mergeFieldname = ""

    '** Name of Mail merge field: MERGEFIELD MailMergeFieldName \* MERGEFORMAT
    mergeFieldname = Replace(fieldCode, "MERGEFIELD", "")
    mergeFieldname = Replace(mergeFieldname, "\* MERGEFORMAT", "")
    mergeFieldname = Trim(mergeFieldname)

    '** Return result.
    GetMailMergeFieldName = mergeFieldname

End Function
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Web Capacity Analysis Tool

I found an interesting load generation tool on IIS.net defiantly worth a look


  • HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1 capable
  • Supports IPv6
  • Multithreaded Support
  • Supports generating stress from multiple machines
  • Extensible through C plug-in DLLs
  • Supports Performance Counter integration
  • Measures throughput and response time
  • Supports SSL requests
  • NTLM Authentication request support
  • Easily supports testing thousand of concurrent users


  • Very light weight (low hardware requirements)
  • Extensible to handle any aspect of the HTTP request or response
  • Allows remote collection of perfmon data and registry

Down Load

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Beta Documentation for LINQ to XML


Language-Integrated Query (LINQ)

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More fun and Microsoft's Expense.

This is how Microsoft packages a product.

Now see how Microsoft names their products.

Video: Windows Server 2008
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How-To share class/resources between projects in Visual Studio 2005

start by having a solution with two projects.

In the solution exploder window right click the solution and choose add New or existing item.


For this how two we will add a new c# class

click add.  Visual studio will create a new suborder under the solution called "Solution Items" Class1.cs will be in this folder.

now select one of your projects and right click select add existing item.  Navigate to your solutions directory and select Class1.cs

click the drop down arrow next to the add button

select add as link

You will now have a shared link to a common solution file/class

repeat for each project you wish to add this file/class to.

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IE, and Stupid User Tricks

Some times I am pretty sure the Dev's at Microsoft are smoking something.  I would like to know what, and if they would share.

I have had a little trouble with the last IE update Internet Explorer and the Update of Doom (This Old Code ).  and IE 7 DOA after May 5th Cumulative Security update ( This Old Code ). 

You install the May 2007 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (MS07-027), and then you try to open Windows Internet Explorer 7. After you do this, the File Download – Security Warning dialog box may open, and you may receive the following message:

Do you want to save this file?
The File Download – Security Warning dialog box also refers to the "navcancl" file name. After you close this dialog box, you cannot start Internet Explorer 7.

Finally Microsoft has released a Knowledge base article to dell with this issue Microsoft Knowledge Base article 937409 ( thanks to the IEBlog Follow Up to Internet Explorer May 2007 Security Update)

Method 2: Grant permissions to the "Temporary Internet Files" folder

To complete Method 2 on a Windows XP-based computer or on a Windows Server 2003-based computer, follow these steps:

Click Start, click Run, type inetcpl.cpl, and then click OK.

On the General tab, click Settings in the Browsing History area.

Click View Files.

In Windows Explorer, move to the folder that contains the "Temporary Internet Files" folder.

In the right-pane, right-click an empty area, and then click Properties.

On the Security tab, click the name of the affected user in the Group or user names box. If the name of the affected user is not listed, follow these steps:

Click Add.

In the Enter the object names to select box, type the name of the affected user, and then click OK.

In the Group or user names box, click the name of the affected user.

In the Permissions for User_Name box, click to select the Full Control Allow check box.

Click Apply, and then click OK.

Close Windows Explorer.

Click OK two times.

Start Internet Explorer 7.

Funny thing about the Knowledge base article, its wrong the Temporary Internet Files folder is a system folder us low admin's can't reset permissions on the folder.  You can how ever move the folder which will allow ie to correctly run once with one tab ( oddly enough, not very useful).  My temporary solution rather then uninstalling the update yet again was to completely disable phishing( thankfully this feature is not of much use.).

How to disable Phishing Filter ( in Windows XP)
  1. start, run type inetcpl.cpl
  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen up about six items is "Phishing Filter"
  4. Select "Disable Phishing Filter" ( turning it off will not work it must be disabled )
  5. Click the ok button
  6. now start up ie and browse the Internet, just don't click any links from email ;)
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Lost in Office 2007?

Here are a couple interactive command reference guides to help you find your way around Word and Excel.  These guides allow you to see were the 2003 UI has moved to in 2007.  Nice find by Alfred Thompson

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2004 MSDN on SQL Injection Attacks

Stop SQL Injection Attacks Before They Stop You

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Internet Explorer and the Update of Doom.

Previously I installed an Internet Explorer cumulative update KB931768 and ran in to a little problem with IE7 no longer working

I see that Spyware Suckes has a post describing the solution to this issue:


You have installed the Internet Explorer cumulative update KB931768 and have previously moved your temporary internet file folder from it's default location.

You see an error like this one:

File Download - Security Warning
Do you want to save this file?
Name: navcancl
Type: Unknown File Type, 2.64KB
From: ieframe.dll
Save Cancel


If your temporary internet files folder has been moved from its default location, move it back.

An alternative is to run IE as an Administrator (right click the IE icon, select "Run as Administrator", but I *strongly* advise against this.

***DO NOT*** uninstall the cumulative update.

While I am puzzled how I am supposed to surf the web to fine a fix to this issue with out uninstalling the patch.  I also do not recall ever changing the path for IE.  Since this is XP sp2 its clearly not a rights issue since I have admin rights.  But I am game to try any thing once, well see how it works out.

-Update 05/14/2007-

I double checked the Temporay Internet Files location and it is infact using the default C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files.  I also tried disabling Phishing which some people reported success with on the IE Team Bog

-Update 05/29/2007-

I have a new post detailing how i resolved this issue by truning off Internet Explorers Phishing Filter.

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This is interesting.

Microsoft SharedView is a fast and easy way to share documents and screen views with small groups of friends or coworkers; anytime, anywhere. Use SharedView to put your heads together and collaborate.


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IE 7 DOA after May 5th Cumulative Security update

On my Windows Xp sp2 box I now cannot use IE 7 after running the Cumulative security update for Internet explorer 7 I was greeted with

"navcancl from ieframe.dll" on the first launch it would appear as if Internet Explorer cannot open any Internet files ie aspx, html ....

If any one know how to fix this please leave a comment.

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Expression Blend Today

It seems to have been under reported but Expression Studio was released today.  I don't see Blend on the MSDN Subscriber download yet.

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Nice little WPF sample application put together by Vertigo Software for Microsoft.  It is a demo involving this display of a family tree,  I saw a demo at VSLive and its now available to be downloaded.

Family.Show Source Code

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Microsoft Has A Software License Management System

Check out SecureLM's FAQ


How SecureLM works?

1. The software that is going to be distributed should be integrated with SecureLM. If you protecting your software using SecureLM Code Protector, the integration is almost done. In order to enable or disable GUI elements related to licensed functionality of software SecureLM API can be used. However, licensed functionality of protected software will not be executed without a valid license even if an attacker eliminates API checks.

2. Protected program requires a valid license in order to run. The creation and installation of a license for specific machine or USB hardware key is called Activation. The activation can be done online, via e-mail or via phone. A license is usually locked to machine, USB hardware key or USB flash disk. Non locked licenses are also allowed. Usually end user receives an activation key that allows software activation. SecureLM provides friendly user interface for software activation.

3. SecureLM server provides Web interface that allows performing operations like:

· Issue licenses

· Reissue existing licenses

· Perform e-mail and phone activations

· Increase number of allowed activations per license key

· Track issued licenses and online activations

· Define system configuration

· Much more.


What kind of software can be distributed with SecureLM?

Any Windows application or library can be distributed with SecureLM.

· .NET 1.1 or 2.0 Windows applications, services, or components

· ASP.NET 1.1. or 2.0 applications or components

· VC++/VB6/Delphi applications

I am just stumbling around their site it sounds interesting and worth a try.  Its nice to see another Giant in this market.  At least there is an alternative to MacroVision

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Attend A Virtual Lab and Win a Cannon Digital SLR

Check out Microsoft's free .Net Framework 3.0 Virtual Labs and if you take part in any TechNet or MSDN virtual lab or labcast  you could win.

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Orcas Entity/ORM support

I was having some trouble figuring out how to use the new ado.net entity framework in the last March Orcas CTP, but leave it to Scott to have all the answers.  Scott has posted a nice video covering

  • new asp.net WYSIWYG HTML designer.
  • create classes's from the ORM designer.
  • Intellisense for LINQ.

full detailed blog post.  And you can find the video here.

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Beta 1 Of Orcas Released Into The Wild

Incase you missed it yesterday Soma announced the release of Orcas Beta 1, it can be downloaded here.

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MCS use OR-LOS for Commercial Lending.

It sounds like Microsoft's Consulting Services has extended  Mr.Walker's OR-LOS for Commercial Lending.  If you have the time (28 minutes) its worth a look but my overall impression is this could only be useful for a supper huge bank/lender that has the IT staff to pull it off otherwise its just overly complicated.  The question still remains how scalable and dependable this framework would be.

Video: Loan Origination Commercial Extension

Also according to Mr. Walker Microsoft will increase its participation with industry standards ( ie MISMO)

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Expressions Are Waiting

Microsoft has announced that Expression Web is now available for all MSDN Premium subscribers.  Further more Expression Blend will be available shortly after the Expression Studio release.  Its been a long time coming but it's fantastic to see Microsoft change there mind based on our feed back.

You can find out more at

Scott Gu's blog or Somasegar's weblog ( who broke the news.)

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LINQ == Warm Fuzzy Feeling

I was taking a look at Scott Guthrie's Developing Data-Driven Web Applications using LINQ.  This is going to make life a little less dreary.

I like the second to the  last line results.Skip(startRow).Take(10);

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If your interested Microsoft released " Office Business Applications" OBAs Their first target is a Reference Application Pack for Loan Origination Systems.

Thanks Mike now every one and their mother will think they can build an LOS and Wholesale system.

Video: Microsoft Loan Origination Reference Architecture



Building Distributed Applications

Architecting Regulatory-Compliant Architectures


Building Distributed Applications

Architecting Enterprise Loan Workflows and Orchestrations


Building Distributed Applications

Office Business Applications: Building Composite Applications Using the Microsoft Platform


MSDN Financial Services Industry Center

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This Morning's VSLive Key Note

The Ado and Data blogs have posted links for the screen casts from this mornings VSLive KeyNote.



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XML Notepad 2007 version 2.3

Microsoft's XML Team just announced the release of XML Notepad 2007 2.3

You can find the change log here and down load here.

This is the new feature that caught my eye.

"better handling of XML documents containing illegal characters"

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Crypto Algorithms In Orcas

I was talking about the new crypto algorithms in Orcas with a co-worker today, and since The Moth was kind enough to remind me I figured I would post a link to the .Net Security Blog Covering them

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Ashok on the IEBlog has some info for OWA users.

Thought I would pass along this little message to all the Vista users out there

from the IEBlog

Hi, I’m B. Ashok, the Product Unit Manager for Web Development Tools.  As mentioned in my earlier post last summer, we have removed the DHTML Editing Control from Windows Vista as part of making the operating system more secure. 

One application that used the DHTML Editing Control in the past was OWA (Outlook Web Access). We have issued a required update to both Exchange 2000 and 2003 that enables OWA support for IE7 in Windows Vista. However if your server does not have this update applied, you may experience the inability to compose and edit e-mail messages on OWA when running IE7 in Windows Vista. When this happens, you will see a red ‘x’ in place of your e-mail message body.

The Exchange team has a good blog post which explains the issue in more detail, and describes how to update your Exchange 2000/2003 server to remedy this issue. The update does not require a reboot of the Exchange server and will fully enable OWA to work for clients using IE7 in Windows Vista. If you run into this problem, we highly recommend that you contact your Exchange 2000/2003 administrator to make sure they have installed this update.

One other item to note is that the update referenced in this post, was re-released on Feb 2007 to fix two additional issues:

  • Fixed inability to edit replies to messages composed in Entourage Exchange client
  • Fixed inability to edit replies to meeting requests

If you are running into either of these two issues, installing the current version of the update should fix the problem.

Hopefully this helps anyone using Windows Vista who may be experiencing this issue with OWA.


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Guide Lines For Structuring Team Projects

J.D. Meier Blogged about Structuring Projects for Team Foundation Server

Interesting very similar to what we have adopted for our projects.

Other links that I found of use regarding structuring projects all form Microsoft's Patterns & Practices team.

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Do Financial pros need their own myspace?

Mary  Foley blogs Microsoft builds a ‘MySpace for financial pros’

I'll be interested to see whether this site gains much traction. Corporate controllers and accountants don't strike me as folks who have a lot of time or interest to blog, chat and share photos and play lists.

It seems they do if you look at Mortgage Grapevine.  Many people are contributing questions and answers it looks like they may have a need for their space.  The real question is will  Microsoft's(Microsoft Dynamics Live Beta Community) start up site have the traction to draw traffic away from the Grapevine and BrokerOutpost?

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Visual Studio 2005 SP1 for Vista... very soon

It would appear that Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 update for Windows Vista today. Q&A: Visual Studio 2005 Refresh Helps Developers Take Full Advantage of Windows Vista

However the down load page only seems to list the Beta currently.

Download it here

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Its official Point 5.4 and Vista.

March 07 newsletter from Calyx Software:

It’s Calyx Software’s goal to keep up with the needs of our customers.  In keeping with this goal, we’ve made sure that our latest 5.4 version of Point  is 100% compatible with Microsoft Vista.

Note: Windows Vista and the Windows logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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Teach a child to program

I have finally found some programing books at my reading level ;)


  • C# for Sharp Kids - An ebook on programming with C#
  • VB For Very Bright Kids - An ebook for learning how to programming with Visual Basic
  • Code Rules - A curriculum for learning how to program using Visual Basic. This package includes Teacher materials, Student lessons and quizzes and has been used in schools around the country.
  • CurliQue Studios - A curriculum for learning to build a dynamic web site for a rock band. This one also includes teacher materials. My friend Dave Jacobus blogs about using it with his class and seems to like it.
  • Creating your First Website using HTML - Follow along with this Microsoft DigiGirlz Tech Camp presentation to learn how to use HTML to create your own website!
  • A list of other kid friendly websites and learning resources.

Microsoft's Kid's Corner

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Few interesting MSDN articles SQL 2005

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Advertising choice with Windows Live Messenger

My poor instant messenger Its adds are broken.

I did it with the help of Fiddler.

Now I almost feel guilty.

Learn more

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Calyx Point 5.4

    After my last entry I thought I would point out that Point 5.4 runs just fine with Vista.

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BBC NEWS "Net firms tackle Vista headache"

 I found this article on the BBC interesting:

Windows Vista is causing problems for some new PC owners hooking up their machine to a broadband connection.

One memorable quote:

One reader was warned by Virgin Media that it would be "weeks" before its software worked with Vista.

Come on Virgin, its not like you didn't have close to a year to get ready for this,  You are after all a ISP didn't you ever stop to look at the pretty new OS? and test your install pack?  Seriously ISP such as AOL are such vultures I find it hard to believe that they would not update their freebie install disks before vista computers hit the market.  How would you ever convince some one to buy AOL if they didn't get a free disk with they computer?


"We can get people online without the installation disc," he added. "It's not that it does not work, it's just the disc."

So Virgin sat on their lorals and now are paying the price in support calls.( I wonder what the average time to answer if for their support. )  But it gets better support has placed a help page.

The spokesman said BT had created a help page devoted to Vista to make it easier for people to get their PC connected.

I believes when I can read a help page with out broadband connection that....

BBC NEWS, Net firms tackle Vista headache

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I thought I knew what a strong password was

Strong Passwords for WinQual:

Password Requirements: Contain 8 - 16 characters with both upper and lower case (e.g., a-z, A-Z). Have digits and punctuation/symbol characters as well as letters e.g., 0-9, !@#$%^&*()_+|~-=\`{}[]:";'<>?,./). One or more of the characters from the second (2) to sixth (6) positions must not be an alphabet character e.g. between A-Z or a-z.

I wonder if I will remember it in the morning

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March Orcas.

The Moth broke the Orcas News fist.  The Orcas March CTP is available for download.

Install or VPC image

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Wells Fargo and WPF

Take a look at Wells Fargo's next generation ATM, witch uses WPF.  Pretty cool

Microsoft's Case Study

Thanks Somasgar for pointing this out.

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Daylight Saving Time has Changed- don't be caught off guard.

Last night I got a letter from MSDN.  If you have been in away and missed it the Daylight Saving Time has changed read on to see what might be affected if you use DOT NET or CRT.

Dear Valued Microsoft Customer,
In 2005, the United States government passed the Energy Policy Act of 2005. This act changes the start and end dates for Daylight Saving Time (DST) as of spring 2007. These changes may impact the way applications run. Microsoft is releasing an update for Windows through Microsoft Update that reflects these changes.
Developers who use the .NET Framework may find their applications affected if the application uses the time zone information for historical purposes or if they have derived custom classes from System.TimeZone to provide custom time zone information. The standard System.TimeZone class provides a managed wrapper for the underlying Windows Operating System time zone functions.
In addition, developers who use Visual C++ may find their applications affected if they use the CRT time functions, or the TZ environment variable. Microsoft is currently working on a fix for this issue and will post information about its availability on the Visual Studio Support page.
Most applications that use these affected classes will not need to be modified as this update will ensure that the correct data is provided seamlessly to the application. However, applications that use these classes or the underlying Windows API to perform historical time look-ups will need to be modified.
In most cases, developers who have extended the .NET Framework’s time zone support by creating custom time zone classes derived from System.TimeZone, or by direct access to the Win32 API, will not have to update their applications as long as the available updates to the operating system are applied. However, solutions that rely on private time zone data, or that retrieve system time zone information by accessing the registry directly, may need to be updated. Applications that deal with historical time zone data may also need to be updated.
Microsoft advises all developers who make use of time zone data to test their applications against this update to ensure that their applications function correctly.
For more detailed information and the latest updates please visit http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/bb264729.aspx, Preparing for daylight saving time changes in 2007, and KB928388: 2007 time zone update for Microsoft Windows operating systems

Update: I corrected all links.
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Good by GotDotNet

good by old friend....
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Good Enterprise news comes with SQL 2005 SP2

From Irena Kennedy:


SQL Server Enterprise Edition customers, and I quote, “only need to purchase one license per physical processor regardless of the number of virtually deployed instances. “

In other words, “when a customer licenses all of the processors in a server, they can run an unlimited numbers of SQL Server instances on an unlimited number of virtual operating system environments, at no additional licensing cost. “

This is going to be an important step in fostering the virtualization software.

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Couple Microsoft releases

Virtual PC 2007 has been released download here.

Also Microsoft has released SQL 2005 sp2 and you can download it here.

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Running an XBAP Application in a Standalone Mode Using the Same Project File?

 Today I am just an aggregator.  Anyway if your into .NET 3.0 Irena has a very neat trick.

Link to AppDev: Something You Should Know by Irena Kennedy : SYSK 289: Want to Have a Choice of Running an XBAP Application in a Standalone Mode Using the Same Project File?

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Resource Refactoring Tool 1.0 Release

Breatan announced the release of the Resource Refactoring Tool to CodePlex  


Release Change Log

Closed7417 Add web application project support

Closed6234 Incorrect default save directory for web projects

Closed6651 Don't refactor parameter names in XML comments

Closed7606 Checkbox selections should be saved between sessions

Closed6236 Unhandled error when creating a resource file in lock project

Closed6235 Silent failure if file is read-only.

Closed6440 Severe error with duplicate names

Closed6319 VS German Version?

Closed6147 Esc does not close Extract to resource form/dialog

Link to the Msi

ResourceRefactorSetup.msi - (832 KB)

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How to configure SQL Server 2005 to allow remote connections

I seem to run into this problem far to often

Link to How to configure SQL Server 2005 to allow remote connections

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Microsoft MISMO and Excel

It's funny this idea that word and excel are good for things such as LOS or Closing/Servicing systems.
Take a look at Financial Services OBA

At the very least the diagrams are interesting.

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How to add Atlas or ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions. to an existing ASP.NET Project

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For those of us on Vista some may have noticed there is a new invisible group TrustedInstaller.  If you change ownership of a file from this group to yourself there has been no documentation regarding how to change ownership back,  Irena does a nice job describing WFP and how to restore ownership back to Trusted installer. SYSK 277: How-To Bring Back the TrustedInstaller

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Microsoft's Labs Relay Service

Here is an interesting new beta Microsoft has been working on Relay Service they also have a blog.  The only trouble is you need a windows cardspace to download an sdk.  Since I am still unsure as how i can carry this identity between a multitude of computers, I don't have one and thus cannot down load there sdk.

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Can't open a Visual studio 2003 project?

If you receive the following message from visual studio 2003

Microsoft Development Environment
Project .vcproj' failed to open.

you can open your *.vcprog file with your favorite xml editor and find the "/VisualStudioProject/References/AssemblyReference" nodes make sure all the paths and files are valid.  One will not be, remove it or edit the path save the file and now open it in Visual Studio.

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VS 2005 Build to the prior frame work

Why is it possible to target a different version of the DotNet framework? and is it a good idea? If so why can we not do this for the MFC library as well?
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ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Released

ASP.NET AJAX download.  And also impressive the Codeplex community AJAX Control Toolkit

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Aero and Emeded Media Player

I notice if I go to KQED.org in IE7 vista turns of aero support. Has anyone else seen this?  It looks to be how they are embedding windows media players’ activex control.  I can browse there with FireFox without this behavior so I am at a loss.

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Microsoft's new old Idea

After long last Microsoft has finally released SQL 2005 Compact Edition (formerly known as SQL Mobile)download link.  The question to be answered is how it took so long to allow support outside of the mobile platform and why it took Microsoft so long to wake up and think this might be a good idea?  When I was looking for a light weight desktop Database I only saw one good prospect SQLite (which also had an update January 9).  At any rate its nice Microsoft has something better then Access DB  to offer Client side programmers.  If you want to compare SQLITE and SQL 2005 Compact Edition.  Also I have found a nice ADO.NET 2.0 data adapter for SQLITE at System.Data.SQLite.  Overall SQLite has been a nice little database that we haven't had any real issues with, unlike our Access db.

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VS 2005 Pain Solved!

As it turns out, If you define and implement your whole class/structure in a .h file a consumer needs to mark it #pragma unmanaged.  If you don't delete will get confused and issue the errors i received from my earlier post.

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Disable Intellisense

Would you like to just get some work done in VC++ 2005 or 2007?  Then rename or delete the following file:
<VS root path>\VC\vcpackages\feacp.dll

Beware class view(I don't use it my project is to large) will no longer work.  And c++ winforms will not work.  I have Visual Assist X and CodeRush/Refactor! so i still have all that Intellisense offers only better!


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New January Orcas CTP

Looks like its time to start playing with Orcas.  After reading this month's CTP download details there finally looks to be some meat.

Download the CTP VPC image at:

Microsoft Pre-release Software Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" - January 2007 Community Technology Preview (CTP)

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msn radio powered by PANDORA

If you haven't seen it yet you might want to check out MSN radios new player powered by Pandora basically it will create a unique play list of music based on a song or artist you give it.  I have been playing with it for that past few days its been pretty cool.

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What is Centro?

Centro much like Small business server(code named cougar) is a bundle of several Microsoft technologies namely Longhorn(Vista server) Exchange Server 2007.  but targeted at business with 250 ish computers so larger then a small business but not an Enterprise.  Check out The SBS and Centro Community Lead Blog For Microsoft's explanation.

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WPF/E is going to be cool

I am starting getting excited about WPF/E  finally there will need to deal with Flash just XAML. It runs on Windows and Mac plus IE, FireFox and Safari.  I don't see Opera in the list, we'll see.

Check out Microsoft's WPF/E Referances.  You can down load it from here.

Some  blogs of interest Joe Stegman’s “WPF/E” tales and Mike Harsh's Blog

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XML Notepad 2007

XML Notepad 2007 is out already
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Vista Baby!

If all your friends installed Vista would you. No cause I did first :)
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Accidental work around found.

Last WMP 11 issue resolved.
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WMP 11 Getting the library working

Fixed my WMP 11 library issue
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WPF Is working now

I need to apologize to the WPF team, its not them its me.
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Neat improvement to Terminal Service on Vista

Ivan just posted a cool new feature of the Vista TS client.  Support for dual monitors.

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WPF a flop out of the box

WPF is insane at our office.
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WMP 11 it just gets worse

More Windows Media Player problems
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Windows Media Player 11 WMP

WMP 11 and my bitter disappointment
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