Click Once

Process.Start Method (String, String, SecureString, String)

process has a way to take a secure string

ProcessStartInfo myProcess = 
   new ProcessStartInfo("my.exe");

myProcess.UserName = "...";
SecureString password = new SecureString();
password.AppendChar('1'); // repeat
myProcess.Password = password;
myProcess.UseShellExecute = false;

ClickOnce Deployment for Visual C++ Applications

Deploying MFC applications via ClickOnce

Easy-to-use resumable .NET file downloader

Using BITS

Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)

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PDF   PDF Creator vb 6.0 app

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Hosting of MFC MDI Applications from Within WinForms and WPF Applications
Integrate Windows Forms Into Your MFC Applications Through C++ Interop
WPF and Win32 Interoperation Overview
WinFormIntegration Sample: Demonstrates Hosting a WinForms User Control in an MFC Application

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Powerful CSS-Techniques For Effective Coding

Validating ASP.NET Query Strings

ASP.NET 2.0 Tips, Tricks, Recipes and Gotchas

Improve your code: ASP.Net Label vs Literal Security

Digital Blackbelt Series

Web Style Sheets CSS tips & tricks

CSS tips and tricks

top ten css tricks

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Online university programs

15 Free Computer Science Courses Online

MIT's Open CourseWare

Berkeley's podcasts


The Master List of Free Online College Courses

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Blog Applications/Engine




Movable Type 


community server?

Web log comparison site

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Graphic Art

55 Extremely Useful Online Generators For Designers

lots of good links for css and website design.

CSS Color Chart

Color Shades

flash color palette
VisiBone 216-Color Webmaster's Palette
List of ten color palette tools


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JQuery video

JQuery ui demos

jquery 1.3 css selection engine

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50 Fresh JavaScript Tools That Will Improve Your Workflow

Stand Alone Javascript Libraries For Specific Purposes.

JScript .NET Language Reference

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Linq To SQL Stuff

N-Tier and Remote Applications with LINQ to SQL

Data Types and Functions (LINQ to SQL)

.NET - LINQ to SQL - part 4

Hooked On Linq Wiki

Linq to SQL Attribute Based Mapping


Dinesh's Cyberstation
LINQ to SQL Tips 7: Minimal update when you don't want optimistic concurrency check

LINQ to SQL: .NET Language-Integrated Query for Relational Data

Exploring N-Tier Architecture with LINQ to SQL (Part 4 of n)

« Exploring N-Tier Architecture with LINQ to SQL (Part 3 of n)

« Exploring N-Tier Architecture with LINQ to SQL (Part 2 of n)

« Exploring N-Tier Architecture with LINQ to SQL (Part 1 of n)

Enterprise Application Architecture with LINQ to SQL

Architecting Linq to SQL

LINQ to SQL N-Tier Smart Client - Part 1 Building the Middle-Tier

LINQ to SQL N-Tier Smart Client - Part 2 Building the Client

LINQ to SQL N-Tier Smart Client - Part 3 Database Transactions

LINQ to SQL N-Tier with Web Services
Data Retrieval and CUD Operations in N-Tier Applications (LINQ to SQL)
Implementing Business Logic (LINQ to SQL)

Code Generation Tool (SqlMetal.exe)

Linq Kit

Part I - Reusable IQueryable base classes
Part II - Where and reusable Expression tree visitor
Part II - Local variable references
Part IV - Select
Part V - Improved Column binding
Part VI - Nested queries
Part VII - Join and SelectMany

101 Linq Samples c#
101 Linq Samples Visual Basic
Linq To SQL Samples Visual Basic

Tips to Improve performance
10 Tips
Three Ways

LINQ to SQL - Return Scalar Value from a Stored Procedure

Linq and Join => an entitiy.


How to: Use Stored Procedures Mapped for Multiple Result Shapes (LINQ to SQL)


How to use LINQ to SQL to batch queries and return Multiple Results without Stored Procedures, by Tony Wright

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MS dev (Microsoft trainingM for solution providers)

XAML Fest Online

ObservableCollection Base Class With Expression Blend Designer Support
ObservableCollection Base Class With Expression Blend Designer Support – An Example Project
Silverlight DataGrid – A Simple Pager Control


wpf silverlight framework.


Modal Popup Dialog Box


Javascript communication to Silverlight 2.0


Silverlight and JavaScript Interop Basics


Mike Taulty: 44 Amazing Silverlight 2.0 Screencasts


SilverLight Controls

Silverlight toolkit demo

silverlight toolkit

Patient Journey Demonstrator

Microsoft® Health Common User Interface Control Toolkit

Silverlight Contrib

Silverlight 2.0 Syntax Highlighting TextBox (Code Project Article)

Silverlight FloatableWindow ( Tim Heuer) codeplex

plain old control providers

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xsd to c# class website.

visual studio xsd.exe

codeproject posible code for web based xsd to class

&— The & character

  • &lt;— The < character

  • &gt;— The > character

  • &apos;— The ' character

  • &quot;— The " character

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    Rendering XML as a FlowDocument

    WPF 3D Chromium Browser

    on codeplex

    wpf xml editor

    WPF Diagram Designer 3

    WPF Diagram Designer Part 4

    Remembering WPF Windows Position


    MS dev (Microsoft trainingM for solution providers)

    XAML Fest Online

    WPF XAML Cheat Sheet

    Caliburn is a framework designed to aid in the development of WPF and Silverlight applications. It implements a variety of UI patterns that are geared towards solving problems encountered in real-world scenarios. Some patterns that are enabled by the framework include MVC, MVP, Presentation Model (MVVM), and Commands.








    XamlPat v4



    xaml powertoys

    ocean, need the link!

    Microsoft® Health Common User Interface Control Toolkit

    WPF Decorators Build Your Own

    WPF Window

    Avalon Dock

    Complex Hierarchical Data Templates

    Kevin's Bag-O-Tricks - January 2007 On WindowsClient.NET

    Kevin's Bag of Tricks

    Windows Presentation Foundation ie the WPF Toolkit

    Syntax Highlighting in Rich TextBox Control - Part 1 not WPF but the strategy is not far off.

    Actipro SyntaxEditor

    RichTextBox syntax highlighting WPF based blog.

    Customized RichTextBox


    AqiStar.TextBox Syntax Highlighting WPF control

    Avalon Edit (sharp develop code window)

    Advanced Text Formatting  (MSDN we'll see how long that link is good for)

    Windows Text Blog

    ScintillaNet (might be interesting. still seems active)

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    Identifying NHibernate-Related Bottlenecks through Performance Monitoring

    Optimizing Performance in NHibernate: Part 2: A Collection of Enhancements

    Simple Auditing Using An NHibernate Iinterceptor.

    NHibernate : Queries

    Your very first NHibernate Application from DotNetSlackers 

    Part 1 of this article series:

    Part 2 of this article series:

    Part 3 of this article series:

    Linq to NHibernate

    NHibernate mailing list

    A total n00b’s guide to migrating from a custom data layer to Nhibernate: getting started

    NHibernate Mapping Examples:

    Data Access With NHibernate:

    Fluent NHibernate

    CastleProject (Castle Active Record)

    Sharp Architecture

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