Borders Support Tool Tips

Just remember if you run into a control that does not support ToolTipService(). ToolTip you can always create a invisible boarder around the control.  And you can use that border to display your tool tip.

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Handling HTML Events in .Net code

From the channel nine screen cast Silverlight - Handling HTML Events in .NET Code by Mike Taulty
Void OnLoaded (object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    HtmlElement element =
    element.AttachEvent("onclick", (EventHandler)MyHandler);
void MyHandler( object sender, EventArgs args)
    //Do something.
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Stand Alone Silverlight?

So far I have found two examples of a stand alone strategy for Silverlight.

Silverlight: Running standalone full trust applications

How to make Silverlight be AiR?

Both pretty much use the same method by employing MSHTA with an *.hta file.(also achieving full trust for the application)

The trouble is these solutions are not a cross platform answer, and I don't see the benefit this would bring over a WPF click once app or an xbap application.  At least its possible.  Maybe Microsoft will find it beneficial to provide an attractive offline mode for Silverlight apps.

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