If Paths have you down

If you have not seen it yet Patrick Smacchia is showing off his free library to handle common and complex file path operations.  Its on CodePlex NDepend.Helpers.FilePathDirectory

Here is Patrick's class diagram


It nicely done some thing that MS should have offered in the DotNet Base Class Library.

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Best little WhoIs

ARIN love the name too.


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Keyboard Shortcut For Next/Previous Page On Safari

Useful short cut when reading a book in Safari Books online.  In any browser that supports the <accesskey> HTML tag, you can use Alt-2 to get to the next page and Alt-1 for the previous page. If you use Mac's Safari browser, it is Ctrl+1/2.line

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TextPad 5.0

If your in to "notepad" replacements TextPad is pretty good and as of March 6th 2007 they now have version 5.0 better yet is a free update for all 4.x users.


Release Notes

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