Data driven document generation with Word 2007

Erika wrote a couple posts worth a look regarding Data driven document generation.

Data-driven document generation with Word 2007 and the Office XML File Formats: Part 1

Data-driven document generation with Word 2007 and the Office XML File Formats: Part 2

Also If you wanted to take a Mail Merge word doc and port it over to XML

Migrating Mail Merge Fields to Content Controls ( I republished the code so that its legible)


Private Sub Document_Open()

    If (MsgBox("Convert Mail Merge fields to Content Controls?", vbYesNo, "Convert Mail Merge Fields") = vbYes) Then


    End If

End Sub

'** Traverse Mail Merge fields collection and convert each mail merge field into a content control
'** while preserving its font style and format.
Private Sub ConvertMailMergeFields()

    Dim i As Integer, Count As Integer
    Dim currentFont As Font
    Dim mergeFieldname As String
    Dim field As MailMergeField

    For Each field In ActiveDocument.MailMerge.Fields

        '** Select Mail Merge field to process.
        Set currentFont = Selection.Font

        '** Set name for content control.
        mergeFieldname = GetMailMergeFieldName(field.Code)
        Debug.Print ("Processing [" & mergeFieldname & "]")

        '** Remove Mail Merge field and replace it with addition of new content control.

        '** Add new content control.
        AddContentControl mergeFieldname, currentFont
        Count = Count + 1


    Debug.Print ("Number of Mail Merge Fields converted to Content Controls: " & Count)

End Sub

'** Add new content control.
Private Sub AddContentControl(ByVal mergeFieldname As String, ByVal currentFont As Font)

    Dim newControl As ContentControl
    Dim fontStyleName As String

    Set newControl = ActiveDocument.ContentControls.Add(wdContentControlText)

    '** The Title property only allows for 64 characters.
    '** If name is longer, we will put the rest in the Tag property.
    If (Len(mergeFieldname) < 64) Then

        newControl.Title = mergeFieldname
        newControl.Tag = "" 


        newControl.Title = Mid(mergeFieldname, 1, 64)
        newControl.Tag = Mid(mergeFieldname, 65, Len(mergeFieldname) - 64)

    End If

    newControl.SetPlaceholderText , , "Click to add."

    '** Set font for content control.
    fontStyleName = GetFontStyleName(currentFont)
    SetFontStyle newControl, fontStyleName, currentFont

    '** Allow carriage return.
    newControl.MultiLine = True

End Sub

'** Quick and dirty way to check to see if the given font style exist; if it does not, create it.
Private Sub SetFontStyle(ByRef newControl As ContentControl, ByVal fontStyleName As String, ByVal currentFont As Font)

    On Error GoTo Error_FontStyleDoesNotExist

    newControl.DefaultTextStyle = fontStyleName

    Exit Sub


    AddNewFontStyle fontStyleName, currentFont
    newControl.DefaultTextStyle = fontStyleName

End Sub

Private Sub AddNewFontStyle(ByVal newFontStyleName As String, ByVal currentFont As Font)

    Dim fontStyle As Style

    Set fontStyle = ActiveDocument.Styles.Add(newFontStyleName)

    With currentFont

        fontStyle.Font.Name = .Name
        fontStyle.Font.Size = .Size
        fontStyle.Font.Bold = .Bold
        fontStyle.Font.Italic = .Italic

    End With

End Sub

Private Function GetFontStyleName(ByVal currentFont As Font) As String

    Dim fontStyleName As String

    With currentFont

        fontStyleName = .Name
        fontStyleName = fontStyleName & .Size
        fontStyleName = fontStyleName & .Bold
        fontStyleName = fontStyleName & .Italic

    End With

    '** Return result.
    GetFontStyleName = fontStyleName

End Function

Private Function GetMailMergeFieldName(ByVal fieldCode As String) As String

    Dim mergeFieldname As String: mergeFieldname = ""

    '** Name of Mail merge field: MERGEFIELD MailMergeFieldName \* MERGEFORMAT
    mergeFieldname = Replace(fieldCode, "MERGEFIELD", "")
    mergeFieldname = Replace(mergeFieldname, "\* MERGEFORMAT", "")
    mergeFieldname = Trim(mergeFieldname)

    '** Return result.
    GetMailMergeFieldName = mergeFieldname

End Function
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Beta Documentation for LINQ to XML


Language-Integrated Query (LINQ)

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MCS use OR-LOS for Commercial Lending.

It sounds like Microsoft's Consulting Services has extended  Mr.Walker's OR-LOS for Commercial Lending.  If you have the time (28 minutes) its worth a look but my overall impression is this could only be useful for a supper huge bank/lender that has the IT staff to pull it off otherwise its just overly complicated.  The question still remains how scalable and dependable this framework would be.

Video: Loan Origination Commercial Extension

Also according to Mr. Walker Microsoft will increase its participation with industry standards ( ie MISMO)

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XML Notepad 2007 version 2.3

Microsoft's XML Team just announced the release of XML Notepad 2007 2.3

You can find the change log here and down load here.

This is the new feature that caught my eye.

"better handling of XML documents containing illegal characters"

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Code Conversion Again

I found another online code converter this time by SharpDevelop. This will convert between C#, VB,  and Boo.  They also have a web service.

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