Petzold, Prose Dead?

 Charles does not seem to be taking Jeff's recent analysis of his WPF book VS Adam Nathan's Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed to well. Petzold deemed prose to be dead and Power Point to be the new king of publishing.  I think Jeff is wrong.  First color is I a good thing we don't program with note pad any more, we have notepad++ or a nice IDE that offer us rich color coded goodness for fast digestion of information, and its difficult to go back.  To contrast Nathan's and Petzold's books is the difference between a Nutshell book and an instructional documentation.  For those of us whom have been reading the WPF blogs and bits for over a year now we may find it usefully to have a reference of the current WPF state of affairs rather then a book that takes you from the start.  When you pick your reference, it needs to be based on what you already know and your programing level.  Jeff is comparing Oranges to Grape Fruit, they have a lot incommon but their target audience is fundamentally different.  In summation Please Add color to your publications we are a pack of spoiled developers that demand no less!  Further more I certainly hope prose  is not dead I for one stopped picking out books based on the number of pretty pictures they contained in Junior High.

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