BBC NEWS "Net firms tackle Vista headache"

 I found this article on the BBC interesting:

Windows Vista is causing problems for some new PC owners hooking up their machine to a broadband connection.

One memorable quote:

One reader was warned by Virgin Media that it would be "weeks" before its software worked with Vista.

Come on Virgin, its not like you didn't have close to a year to get ready for this,  You are after all a ISP didn't you ever stop to look at the pretty new OS? and test your install pack?  Seriously ISP such as AOL are such vultures I find it hard to believe that they would not update their freebie install disks before vista computers hit the market.  How would you ever convince some one to buy AOL if they didn't get a free disk with they computer?


"We can get people online without the installation disc," he added. "It's not that it does not work, it's just the disc."

So Virgin sat on their lorals and now are paying the price in support calls.( I wonder what the average time to answer if for their support. )  But it gets better support has placed a help page.

The spokesman said BT had created a help page devoted to Vista to make it easier for people to get their PC connected.

I believes when I can read a help page with out broadband connection that....

BBC NEWS, Net firms tackle Vista headache

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