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I have been reading about this case, and some of the comments bug me ( if you don't know about the 40 year old substitute teacher that has been convicted of displaying porn to minors and now faces up a 40 jail sentience. read more here and here and here).  Mainly there are a lot of people that think she should have turned off the computer.  Now even if she had been told not to turn off the computer we would have to take into account how long it would take to get over the initial shock of porn popup's filling the window.  Now if you wanted to turn the computer off hitting the power button does nothing its not like ten years ago when you could just flip the switch. You either hold the power button for 10-15 seconds or you use windows to shut things down.  depending on the spyware/viruses on the computer the latter may not have even been possible.  I also doubt that very unsavy computer users know they can hold down the power button to turn the system off.  Some said that she could have pulled the plug, which would probably have involved unblocking the monitor with her body ( only 10 of the 40 students in the class room saw any thing on the monitor.) which would let the masses see the screen.  Also if this was a laptop ( its not clear what kind of PC this was.) pulling the plug would do nothing its battery would keep it on.  Finally this never would have happened if the school had their filtering software up to date.  let alone some type of active spyware prevention on the PC.

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