Microsoft Has A Software License Management System

Check out SecureLM's FAQ


How SecureLM works?

1. The software that is going to be distributed should be integrated with SecureLM. If you protecting your software using SecureLM Code Protector, the integration is almost done. In order to enable or disable GUI elements related to licensed functionality of software SecureLM API can be used. However, licensed functionality of protected software will not be executed without a valid license even if an attacker eliminates API checks.

2. Protected program requires a valid license in order to run. The creation and installation of a license for specific machine or USB hardware key is called Activation. The activation can be done online, via e-mail or via phone. A license is usually locked to machine, USB hardware key or USB flash disk. Non locked licenses are also allowed. Usually end user receives an activation key that allows software activation. SecureLM provides friendly user interface for software activation.

3. SecureLM server provides Web interface that allows performing operations like:

· Issue licenses

· Reissue existing licenses

· Perform e-mail and phone activations

· Increase number of allowed activations per license key

· Track issued licenses and online activations

· Define system configuration

· Much more.


What kind of software can be distributed with SecureLM?

Any Windows application or library can be distributed with SecureLM.

· .NET 1.1 or 2.0 Windows applications, services, or components

· ASP.NET 1.1. or 2.0 applications or components

· VC++/VB6/Delphi applications

I am just stumbling around their site it sounds interesting and worth a try.  Its nice to see another Giant in this market.  At least there is an alternative to MacroVision

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