DasBlog now running on ASP.NET 2.0 in Medium Trust

Here are the steps I took in order to run DasBlog under medium trust.
(To test dasBlog in development add the following to web.config.
        <!--  level="[Full|High|Medium|Low|Minimal]" -->
         <trust level="Medium" originUrl=""/>)

 Add requirePermission=false attribute to the following sections  
        <section name="newtelligence.DasBlog.Macros" type="newtelligence.DasBlog.Web.Core.MacroSectionHandler, newtelligence.DasBlog.Web.Core" /> -->
        <section name="newtelligence.ControlImages" type="newtelligence.DasBlog.Web.Core.WebControls.ControlImageModuleSectionHandler, newtelligence.DasBlog.Web.Core" requirePermission="false" />
        <section name="newtelligence.DasBlog.UrlMapper" type="newtelligence.DasBlog.Web.Core.UrlMapperModuleSectionHandler, newtelligence.DasBlog.Web.Core" requirePermission="false"/>
        <!-- http compression handler section -->
        <sectionGroup name="blowery.web">
            <section name="httpCompress" requirePermission="false" type="blowery.Web.HttpCompress.SectionHandler, blowery.Web.HttpCompress"/>
May need to update blowery.web
I changed based on dotnuke blog entry http://www.dotnetnuke.com/Community/ForumsDotNetNuke/tabid/795/forumid/67/threadid/11086/threadpage/1/scope/posts/Default.aspx
 The web.config change worked locally but not on my web host.  I was able to get my site working with Blowery HttpCompress v6 for .net 2.0 by modifying HttpCompress.cs line 85:
    string realPath = app.Request.Path.Remove(0, app.Request.ApplicationPath.Length+1);
    string realPath = Path.GetFileName(app.Request.Path);
I don't think this was necessary.  But it was the first step I took

XmlNamespaceUpgradeReader inherits from xmltextreader which has a demand of full trust, I just removed all references of  XmlNamespaceUpgradeReader.
Update to the latest freetextbox build or use a different control option.
Update latest version of basic date picker which has the script files embedded.  It’s important to note that you will need to add a compression exclusion path for webresource.axd in web.config.
<add path="WebResource.axd"/>

Remove icsharp zip component or find an updated version that will run under medium trust.  I just switched to .net 2.0’s compression library.

Remove diagnostics.trace.write

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