There Is No Such Thing as Free Puppies.

Today we find Jeff trying to spend his ad revenue Supporting Open Source Projects in the Microsoft Ecosystem perhaps the most interesting comment was not a suggestion for which lowly OSS to toss money at and make dance but a far more serious question:

So here you have all of these people raving about the OSS projects/products that are making their lives easier and I just have to wonder how many of them have contributed anything at all to these projects themselves?

Do we need Jeff to go out and get a list so that HE can contribute something on our behalf? How many of you who raved about Paint.NET actually clicked on the "donate" link and sent in a few dollars? BTW, I have.

Get off of your lazy butts and do this yourself instead of bashing Microsoft for not contributing to the tools that YOU say are helping YOU save time and money!

"I find Paint.NET useful and think it's a great program. Why isn't Microsoft paying them money so that I can continue to use it for free?". Sheesh!

-Matt on June 27, 2007 07:45 AM

But OSS isn't about money at least not on the DotNet side, its about passion, shared owner ship and community(Money has its perks just look at Mono, FireFox and Community Server.).  But the failure of the OSS communities, the difficult times they living is by no means caused by MS or a lack thereof. Rather this failure rests souly on the PM's shoulder.  The arrogant and elite leadership of the OSS project. The very leader ship that tells all willing to help "your not trust worthy" go do our dirty work and write documentation, file a bug report, donate your money.  Yes life can be difficult when one builds them selves up into the Ivory tower. 

To be sure this does not describe all projects but look in to a failing OSS project and you will find a broken leader. 

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