Vista Baby!

Wednesday evening i sat contemplating, Vista? and if so what flavor?  I concluded to give up the safety of my preinstalled xp media edition and plunge into Vista Ultimate for 32bit( still to big a scarcity on the 64bit drivers for me, I reserve the right to change my mind when I finally pump 8 or more gigs of ram into may HP Pavilion m7680y) my over all impression of the install Vista hates Nero 6, and the compatibility scans your program files directory to make sure its gone.  I choose to Upgrade Xp, and its was nice!  It took about 3 hours and one reboot.  There was one spot during the expanding files where the progress bar stopped moving but after 20 ish minutes the progress bar started to move again. After the installation finished it took me a couple hours to get my sound card driver (beta vista driver from Creative), video card (Microsoft generic NVIDIA driver(performance sucks a Vista 4.6 rating on a NVIDIA 7600 with 512MB please)), as well as some tweaks to the start up program list, reinstall of MSN messenger, AVG Free antivirus.  One thing I have to remember now is if my program does not seem to work right, try to run it as admin, and try to run it under xp compatibility mode.  With those settings I have gotten my programs to run. 

So now i am looking for some good sidebar gadgets

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