Internet Explorer and the Update of Doom.

Previously I installed an Internet Explorer cumulative update KB931768 and ran in to a little problem with IE7 no longer working

I see that Spyware Suckes has a post describing the solution to this issue:


You have installed the Internet Explorer cumulative update KB931768 and have previously moved your temporary internet file folder from it's default location.

You see an error like this one:

File Download - Security Warning
Do you want to save this file?
Name: navcancl
Type: Unknown File Type, 2.64KB
From: ieframe.dll
Save Cancel


If your temporary internet files folder has been moved from its default location, move it back.

An alternative is to run IE as an Administrator (right click the IE icon, select "Run as Administrator", but I *strongly* advise against this.

***DO NOT*** uninstall the cumulative update.

While I am puzzled how I am supposed to surf the web to fine a fix to this issue with out uninstalling the patch.  I also do not recall ever changing the path for IE.  Since this is XP sp2 its clearly not a rights issue since I have admin rights.  But I am game to try any thing once, well see how it works out.

-Update 05/14/2007-

I double checked the Temporay Internet Files location and it is infact using the default C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files.  I also tried disabling Phishing which some people reported success with on the IE Team Bog

-Update 05/29/2007-

I have a new post detailing how i resolved this issue by truning off Internet Explorers Phishing Filter.

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