Are Data Structures still relevant?

Alfred noted in a post today Computer Science and Data Structures how many students are not studying data structures.  Maybe there is no more need for this after all all you need programmers and developers to do in business is wire up all the different components.  Kind of like a plumber its not as if they need to know any thing about their material they just make connections from one fixture to the next.  In the end your toilet gets water and expels water to the sewer.  So why would we need to teach students this basic computer science idiom.  Now they just open C# or VB and drag some buttons on a form drag a data table onto the form.  Heavens any Neanderthal can do it.  I am not sure how you tell the educated from then sheep.  Though I enjoy my foray into managed code and the joy that is DotNet.  I know my roots from Fortran to C.  I don't think a computer science degree makes the developer but does your business what some one who plays a developer on TV?
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