Wow! Silverlight 1.1 Alpha

I am not at mix but I see the BCL team just announced


Silverlight 1.1 Alpha includes all the features available in Silverlight 1.0 Beta plus a number of new features focused primarily on improving developer productivity and power:

  • Managed code support
  • Support for dynamic languages including Managed JScript and Python
  • Rich UI control model based on WPF
  • Improved networking stack with support for REST, RSS, JSON, POX
  • Enhanced, 2-way HTML/AJAX Bridge
  • Comprehensive and consistent base class library
  • Support for LINQ (LINQ to Objects, LINQ to XML)

That's right.  Silverlight 1.1 Alpha includes support for managed code and a comprehensive base class library!  Now you know what we've been up to and why our blog has been relatively quiet these past several months :-)

Our partner .NET teams within Microsoft have been able to provide an amazing amount of additional functionality on top of the Silverlight 1.1 BCL.  There's a networking stack, XmlReader and XmlWriter, an HTML/AJAX Bridge, a WPF API subset, a safe OpenFileDialog control, LINQ, and the new Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR).  What's really exciting is that all of these APIs are cross platform and work consistently on both Mac OS X and Windows!

You can download Silverlight 1.1 Alpha today along with the SDK at  After you've downloaded the bits, check out the newly launched Silverlight community site.  It's a great resource for getting started with Silverlight.

This will indeed be an interesting year.  BCL on Mac I doubt Linux could be to far off.

Now we know why many Developers were left with the impression that Silverlight was a little lacking, Microsoft was just hiding their real work.

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