Vacation Sucks

I leave work and Godaddy fubars my websites.  What a fun week.  I would appear updating to the new dasBlog corrected some issues and reuploading the entire websites corrected the other issue.  I Basically started over with Godaddy today.  I tried CrystalTech but can't host the subdomains and other sites how I would like, I will miss them.  I am not sure why I couldn't explain that if my blog engine worked fine Saturday and Sunday then it should still work fine on Monday!  And if it does not work I should see errors not server was reset...  I don't think a basic page like should take 30 seconds to load.  This makes nonsense to me.  I don't like the level of support I received from Godaddy so I will be looking for a new host.  If you have suggestions please let me know.

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