Watch Your Back

If I knew enough I wouldn't trust my CPA, but I would like to highlight the fact that we do sometimes play Russian roulette with our money. 

Say you are an intuit Turbo Tax users just look at the mess that awaited you if you filed last minute.

Why you build for peak load,

Last-minute payers using Intuit software swamp e-filing servers,

TurboTax e-filing woes draw customer ire

Intuit Response #1- Not so good

I think Intuits vp is a little snippy when commenting on Dennis's Blog:

You are correct in that if you have zero capital gain/loss from the ESPP transaction, it is not showing on Schedule D. Although the calculations and tax liability are correctly computed, the fact that transaction is not reported on Schedule D may cause a reconciliation error at the IRS (difference between sales reported by broker and sales reported on Sch D). We believe this error crept in during one of our updates this season and we are tracking it down.

We will be providing an update as soon as possible to correct the reporting issue. I don’t have a specific date, but I know the team is working on it now.

Additionally, I’m skeptical that you would have no gain or loss on the sale of ESPP stock. In all the company plans that I’ve seen, employees normally have a nominal fee on the sale (something like a $5 fee). If you really don’t have any fees either on the sale or purchase, here is how I would suggest you workaround the issue. Simply enter sales proceeds $0.01 less than the actual amount(for example, enter $9,999.99 instead of $10,000). Or simply enter $0.01 in the box for purchase commissions/costs. This one cent difference will trigger the reporting and not have any impact on your tax liability.

I hope this information helps and I appreciate your bringing this issue to our attention.

Bob Meighan
VP, TurboTax


Now I have to admit at least you could file,  If you had chosen Tango from H&R Block they have a minor bug, you cannot efile.  At least they offer a simple workaround, print out your tax return and mail it( how old school).

 Known bug:’s Tango cannot actually e-file my taxes!

albeit it this error message may have been the bug according to one commenter

Hi Mark…thanks for checking out Tango! This is – I’m the Tango product manager, and I wanted to follow up with you about your account. Your account, along with 6 others, experienced a hic-up in the e-file messaging that we communicated- basically the reject message you saw wasn’t the right message. I assure you that the file submitted to the IRS was exactly what you entered in the product, and the reject message was related to something else on your return. (So everyone knows…Tango is setup to e-file and just like most tax products almost all returns filed are accepted when e-filed…)

We recognized this issue and contacted all users who experienced this…unfortunately you beat us to the punch and called us first. My apologies that we weren’t better equipped to handle the case when you called in. This issue has been resolved. Since I’m sure you don’t want the details of your situation outlined here, I’ll contact you separately to walk through the specifics of your return.

I did want you to know that we saw your post and we really do take these issues to heart—everything you mentioned has either already been addressed or is in the pipeline for the next release. At H&R Block we’re passionate about our customers, what you have to say, and the experience you have! This is just the beginning for Tango—we’re already well underway on version 2. I promise that next year we’ll knock your socks off!

 Much more friendly then Intuits VP go figure. 

I don't see any thing for TaxCut but I just take that to mean they are over do for a nasty error report.  Seriously some times we expect far to much from our software.  100%accurate 100% of the time.  Keep in mind that these are an ever changing set of requirements so no two years are the same which so helps your bug regression.

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