Not Getting Gears Offline

I guess I don't get this Google Gears thing.  This morning Scott posted Google Gears - Maybe all Rich Internet Applications needed was Local Storage and an Offline Mode

RIA I see but for offline storage?

My response was Cookies 2.0 to which Carlos  reply's

Cookies 2.0?
Have you even looked at SQLite? You can stuff all sorts of things in the database and get it back out via SQL.
You can build a synchronizing n-tier web app on the desktop. If the thought of that doesn't make you drool, nothing will.

I actually use SQLite a lot, there are things I like and things I don't but as a local data store for RIA its a fine choice.  Google providing a simple framework for access via JavaScript is great.  But unless my app is written in 90% JavaScript client side what good is this Gears thing in the offline world?  I perused the frame work and I don't see any Synchronization.  So yes Cookies 2.0 I can store much more rich information on your computer and I will be able to deliver some very compelling user experience, all with a relatively speaking easy API.  I am just not seeing what this has to do with an offline environment.

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