New Source Control In My Life.

Well It's official VSS and I have broke up.  I can't say I am really parting with any good memories and I really don't know what I saw in VSS to begin with other then convenience.  No more late nights trying to recover work that VSS misplaced no more slow VPN conversations that made my life so stressfully, I just can't take that kind of abuse any more. 

It's rough right now, we're separating what belongs to who, VSS is having a hard time letting go.  Visual Studio is being an enabler for VSS, but what can I do.  I've found a replacement already Source Gear Vault.  Much better. and its not just a fresh UI like VSS tried in 2005.  Vault has some really winning qualities. 

I am looking forward to my life with Vault, I think every thing is going to be ok.

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